New Schottky-gate Bipolar Mode Field Effect Transistor (SBMFET): Design and Analysis using Two-dimensional Simulation

Abstract—A new Schottky-gate bipolar-mode field-effect transistor  (SBMFET) is proposed and verified by a two-dimensional simulation. Unlike in the case of conventional BMFET, which uses deep-diffused p+ regions  as the gate, the proposed device uses the Schottky gate formed on the  silicon planar surface for injecting the minority carriers into the drift region.  The SBMFET is demonstrated to have an improved current–gain, identical  breakdown voltage, and O N-voltage drop when compared to the  conventional BMFET. Since the fabrication of the SBMFET is much simpler and obliterates the need for deep thermal diffusion of p+ gates, the  SBMFET is expected to be of great practical importance in medium-power  high-current switching applications.
Index Terms—Bipolar-mode field-effect transistor (BMFET), conductivity  modulation, Schottky gates, two-dimensional (2-D) modeling.

The above paper can be downloaded from

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