Molecular Diodes and Applications

Abstract: Due to the huge power consumption and expensive fabrication  methods required, down scaling silicon devices to sub-100 nm dimensions  is becoming very unattractive. On the other hand, it is easier to build  electronic circuits using molecules since they are small and their properties  can be tuned. In this review, we first discuss the building blocks of molecular electronics. We then describe how these building blocks can be  used to build single molecule based digital logic such as AND, OR and  XOR gates. The distinction of these molecular electronic building blocks is  that for first time, (i) the Tour wires are used as the conductive backbone  for the rectifying junctions, (ii) donor/acceptor principles are implemented in  the molecular wire itself and (iii) the logic gates are realized using  molecular rectifying diodes embedded in the molecular conducting wire  itself.
Keywords: Molecular electronics, molecular diode, molecular RTD, digital logic, AND, OR, XOR.

The above paper can be downloaded from

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