Investigation of a New Modified Source/Drain for Diminished Self-heating Effects in Nanoscale MOSFETs using Computer Simulation

In this paper, we demonstrate that by introducing a buried oxide in a bulk  MOSFET only under the source and drain regions, i.e., using an oxygen  implanted source/drain (OISD) structure, the drain capacitance of a  nanoscale MOSFET can be made close to that of a silicon-on-insulator SOI  MOSFET while the self-heating effects are highly diminished and are similar to  that of a bulk MOSFET. Twodimensional simulation is used to optimize the  length and thickness of the OISD regions.

Keywords: Self-heating; Silicon-on-insulator (SOI); MOSFET; Capacitance; Temperature distribution; Two-dimensional (2-D) simulation

The above paper can be downloaded from

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