Dual Material Gate Technique for Enhanced Transconductance and Breakdown Voltage of Trench Power MOSFETs

Abstract—In this brief, we propose a new dual-material-gatetrench power  MOSFET that exhibits a significant improvement in its transconductance  and breakdown voltage without any degradation in on-resistance. In the  proposed structure, we have split the gate of a conventional trench  MOSFET structure into two parts for work-function engineering. The two  gates share the control of the inversion charge in the channel. By using 2-D  numerical simulation, we have shown that by adjusting the lengths of the  two gates to allow equal share of the inversion charge by them, we get the  optimum device performance. By using N+ poly-Si as a lower gate material  and P+ poly-Si as an upper gate material, approximately 44% improvement  in peak transconductance and 20% improvement in breakdown voltage  may be achieved in the new device compared to the conventional trench MOSFET.
Index Terms—Breakdown voltage, dual material gate, on-resistance, power MOSFET, trench gate.

The above paper can be downloaded from http://web.iitd.ac.in/~mamidala/id11.htm

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