Compact Surface Potential Model for FD SOI MOSFET Considering Substrate Depletion Region

Abstract—In this paper, by solving the 1-D Poisson equation using appropriate boundary conditions, we report a closed-form surface potential  solution for all the three surfaces (gate oxide–silicon film interface, silicon- film–buried oxide interface, and buried oxide–substrate interface) of fully  depleted silicon-on-insulator (SOI) MOSFETs by considering the effect of  substrate charge explicitly. During the model derivation, it is assumed that  the silicon film is always fully depleted and the back silicon film surface is  never inverted. The calculated values of the surface potentials obtained  from the proposed model agree well with the iterative solution of exact  Poisson equation with a maximum relative error bound of 0.3%. In the entire  model, only two square roots, one exponential, and two logarithm terms are  used and the continuity and differentiability of the resultant surface potential  solutions are ensured making the proposed model computationally efficient.
Index Terms—Compact modeling, fully depleted silicon-oninsulator (SOI) MOSFET, numerical solution, surface potential, threshold voltage.

The above paper can be downloaded from

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