Compact Analytical Threshold Voltage Model of Nanoscale Fully-depleted Strained-silicon on Silicon-germanium-on-insulator (SGOI) MOSFETs

Abstract—In this paper, a physically based analytical threshold-voltage  model is developed for nanoscale strained-Si on silicon-germanium-on- insulator MOSFETs for the first time, taking into account short-channel  effects. The model is derived by solving the 2-D Poisson equation in  strained-Si and SiGe layers. The effects of various important device  parameters like strain (Ge mole fraction in the SiGe layer), body doping,  gate workfunction, strained-Si thin film and SiGe layer thickness, etc.,  has  been considered. We have demonstrated that increasing strain in order to  enhance device performance can lead to undesirable threshold-voltage  rolloff. The model is found to agree well with the 2-D simulation results.
Index Terms—Nanoscale, short-channel effects, silicongermanium-on-insulator (SGOI), simulation, strain, strained-SOI
MOSFET, threshold voltage, 2-D modeling.

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