A Stepped Oxide Hetero-Material Gate Trench Power MOSFET for Improved Performance

Abstract—In this brief, we propose a new stepped oxide heteromaterial  trench power MOSFET with three sections in the trench gate (an N+ poly  gate sandwiched between two P+poly gates) and having different gate  oxide thicknesses (increasing from source side to drain side). The different  gate oxide thickness serves the purpose of simultaneously achieving the  following: 1) a good gate control on the channel charge and 2) a lesser  gate-to-drain capacitance. As a result, we obtain higher transconductance  as well as reduced switching delays, making the proposed device suitable  for both RF amplification and high-speed switching applications. In addition,  the sandwiched gate with different work-function gate materials modifies  the electric field profile in the channel, resulting in an improved breakdown  voltage. By using 2-D simulations, we have shown that the proposed device  structure exhibits about 32% enhancement in breakdown voltage, 25%  reduction in switching delays, 20% enhancement in peak  transconductance,  and 10% reduction in figure of merit (product of ON- resistance and gate charge) as compared to the conventional trench-gate  MOSFET.
Index Terms—Breakdown voltage, gate charge, ON-resistance,
power MOSFET, switching speed, transconductance, trench gate.

This paper can be downloaded from http://web.iitd.ac.in/~mamidala/id11.htm

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