Can a Bipolar Junction Transistor be made without doping?

The invention of bipolar junction transistor (BJT) in 1948 by William Shockley led to the present day integrated circuit revolution. However, since its invention, bipolar transistors could not be made without doping the semiconductor multiple times to create the emitter, base and collector regions. Doping leads to defects and thermal budget concerns in modern CMOS technology. Can a bipolar transistor be made without any doping? At IIT Delhi, we have been working on a concept in which a bipolar transistor can be fabricated in an intrinsic undoped semiconductor without the need for any doping. We have named this new device as “Bipolar Charge Plasma Transistor”. Our concept has important applications in future CMOS technology with even the possibility of realizing BJTs on glass substrates and semiconductor nanowires. IIT Delhi has applied for a patent on this invention and a full length paper on this idea can be read in IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, April 2012 issue.

The above paper can be downloaded from

M. Jagadesh Kumar and Kanika Nadda, “Bipolar Charge Plasma Transistor: A Novel Three Terminal Device”, IEEE Trans. on Electron Devices, Vol.59, April 2012. (Patent application filed).

用于形成电荷等离子体具有横向双极性晶体管(BCPT)的一个显着的方法探讨使用2-D的模拟。不同的金属的功函数的电极被用来诱导的n型和p型电荷等离子体层上的未掺杂的绝缘体上硅(SOI)的形成。区域的横向npn晶体管的发射极,基极和集电极。所提出的器件的电气特性的模拟和比较 与常规掺杂的横向双极性结型晶体管(BJT)的具有相同尺寸的。我们的模拟结果表明,BCPT概念将帮助我们实现优越的高电流增益双极晶体管相比,与传统的BJT。这BCPT的概念是适用于解决兴奋剂问题,如掺杂剂活化和高导热预算的,这是严重的问题,超薄SOI结构。 [摘要从作者]

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