ShOC Rectifier: A New Metal-Semiconductor Device with Excellent Forward and Reverse Characteristics

We report a new structure, called the shielded Ohmic contact (ShOC)  rectifier which utilizes trenches filled with a high-barrier metal to shield an  Ohmic contact during the reverse bias. When the device is forward biased,  the Ohmic contact conducts with a low forward drop. However, when  reverse biased, the Ohmic contact is completely shielded by the high- barrier Schottky contact resulting in a low reverse leakage current. Two  dimensional numerical simulation is used to evaluate and explain the superior performance of the proposed ShOC rectifier.
Index Terms—Breakdown, diode, forward voltage drop, Ohmic contact,
rectifier, reverse leakage current, Schottky barrier, simulation.

This paper can be downloaded from

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