Shielded Channel-Double Gate (SC-DG) MOSFET: A Novel Device for Reliable Nanoscale CMOS Applications

In this paper, the unique features exhibited by a novel double-gate (DG)  metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET) in which the  front gate consists of two side gates to 1) electrically shield the channel  region from any drain voltage variation and 2) act as an extremely  shallow virtual extension to the source/drain are presented. This  structure exhibits significantly reduced short-channel effects (SCEs)  when compared with the conventional DG MOSFET. Using two- dimensional (2-D) and two-carrier device simulation, the improvement in device performance focusing on threshold voltage dependence on channel length, electric field in the channel, subthreshold swing, and hot  carrier effects, all of which can affect the reliability of complementary  metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) devices, was investigated.
Index Terms—Hot carrier effect, shielded channel (SC), shortchannel effects (SCEs), side gate, SOI MOSFET, subthreshold swing, threshold voltage, two-dimensional (2-D) simulation

This paper can be downloaded from

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