Investigation of the Novel Attributes of a Single-Halo Double Gate SOI MOSFET: 2D Simulation Study

The novel features of an asymmetric double gate single halo (DG-SH) doped SOI MOSFET are explored theoretically and compared with a conventional asymmetric DG SOI MOSFET. The two- dimensional numerical simulation studies demonstrate that the application of single halo to the  double gate structure results in threshold voltage roll-up, reduced DIBL, high drain output  resistance, kink free output characteristics and increase in the breakdown voltage when compared  with a conventional DG structure. For the first time, we show that the presence of single halo on the  source side results in a step function in the surface potential, which screens the source side of the  structure from the drain voltage variations. This work illustrates the benefits of high performance  DG-SH SOI MOS devices over conventional DG MOSFET and provides an incentive for further  experimental exploration.

Keywords: Silicon-on-insulator (SOI); Double Gate (DG) SOI MOSFET; Channel engineering; Single halo (SH)

This paper can be downloaded from

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