Investigation of the Novel Attributes of a Fully Depleted (FD) Dual-Material Gate (DMG) SOI MOSFET

The novel features of a fully depleted (FD) dual-material gate (DMG) silicon-on-insulator (SOI)  MOSFET are explored theoretically and compared with those of a compatible SOI MOSFET. The two- dimensional numerical simulation studies demonstrate the novel features as threshold voltage roll- up and simultaneous transconductance enhancement and suppression of short-channel effects  offered by the FD DMG SOI MOSFET. Moreover, these unique features can be controlled by  engineering the workfunction and length of the gate material. This work illustrates the benefits of  high-performance FD DMG SOI MOS devices over their single material gate counterparts and  provides an incentive for further experimental exploration.
Index Terms—Carrier transport efficiency, dual material gate (DMG) fully depleted (FD) SOI MOSFET, gate-material engineering, silicon-on-insulator (SOI).

This paper can be downloaded from

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