Proposal and Design of a New SiC-Emitter Lateral NPM Schottky Collector Bipolar Transistor (SCBT) on SOI for VLSI Applications

A novel bipolar transistor structure, namely, a SiC emitter lateral NPM Schottky collector bipolar  transistor (SCBT) with a silicon-on-insulator (SOI) substrate is explored using two-dimensional (2- D) simulation. A comprehensive comparison of the proposed structure with its equivalent Si  lateral NPN BJT and an SiC emitter lateral NPN HBT is presented. Based on simulation results, the  authors demonstrate for the first time that the proposed SiC emitter lateral NPM transistor shows  superior performance in terms of high current gain and cut-off frequency, reduced collector  resistance, negligible reverse recovery time and suppressed Kirk effect over its equivalent Si  lateral NPN BJT and SiC emitter lateral NPN HBT. A simple fabrication process compatible with BiCMOS technology is also discussed.

This paper can be downloaded from

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