Lateral Thin Film Schottky (LTFS) Rectifier on SOI: A Device with Higher than Plane Parallel Breakdown Voltage

In this brief, we report a lateral thin-film Schottky (LTFS) rectifier on a highly  doped SOI epitaxial layer. Based on two-dimensional (2-D) numerical  simulations, we demonstrate for the first time that, for an epitaxial doping of 10  cm , breakdown voltages as large as 60 V (about six times higher than the plane  parallel breakdown voltage) can be achieved using the proposed structure with  very low reverse leakage current. Further, the forward voltage drop of the  proposed device is shown to be as low as 0.27 V even at a current density 100 A  cm . The reasons for improved performance of the LTFS rectifier are analyzed  and the effects of film thickness, Schottky barrier height, and the Si-SiO interface  states on the device performance are also reported.
Index Terms—Barrier lowering, breakdown voltage, lateral Schottky, numerical simulation, thin-film SOI.

This paper can be downloaded from

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