Elimination of bipolar induced drain breakdown and single transistor latch in submicron PD SOI MOSFETs

—For the first time, we report the combined application of a SiGe source and a delta-doped p + region  in a PD SOI MOSFET to minimize the impact of floating body effect on both the drain breakdown  voltage and the single transistor latch. Our results demonstrate that the proposed SOI structure  exhibits as large as 200% improvement in the breakdown voltage and is completely immune to single transistor latch when compared to the conventional SOI MOSFET thus improving the  reliability of these structures in VLSI applications.

Index Terms—CMOS reliability, drain breakdown, floating body effect, single transistor latch, SOI MOSFET.

This paper can be downloaded from http://web.iitd.ac.in/~mamidala/id11.htm

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