Compact Modeling of Partially Depleted Silicon-on-Insulator Drain-Extended MOSFET (DEMOS) including High-voltage and Floating Body Effects

In this paper, a scalable compact model for partially depleted SOI drain extended MOSFETs (DEMOS) is developed using a sub-circuit approach. The proposed compact model captures the special dc behavior of a partially depleted SOI DEMOS transistor. Our model accounts for high voltage effects such as quasi saturation, impact ionization in the drift region along with a floating body effect such as the kink effect in the output characteristics of the floating body PD SOI DEMOS transistor. In the sub-circuit approach used, the channel region is modeled using the BSIM4SOI model and the drift region is modeled using a bias-dependent resistance model along with a current-controlled current  source. The model is validated for a set of channel and drift lengths to demonstrate the  scalability of the model. The accuracy of the proposed compact model is verified using 2-D numerical simulations.

Index Terms—SOI DEMOS, High voltage devices, quasi saturation, impact ionization, Sub circuit approach, floating body effects, kink effect, Compact model, Scalability

Download the complete paper from:

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